Laura Ashley NX 2000-2013

Brother Laura Ashley NX 2000 Computerized Quilting & Sewing Machine.
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Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 Sewing and Quilting Machine.

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What a great machine for sewing and quilting! The NX 2000 Laura Ashley has Automatic Height Adjuster. AHA continuously detects fabric thicknesses while sewing and automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure for beautiful, precise, even stitching throughout your project.

The new pivot function givesyou more control when turning those intricate corners. To enhance your quilting capabilities, the NX-2000 comes with 3 types of free-motion presser feet and a large extension table.

Creative, dependable and loaded with lots of quilting stitches, the NX 2000 is perfect for all your quilting projects.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 Key Features.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 With Laptop Direct Computer Connection.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 Top Bobbin Top Drop-In Bobbin.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 LCD Screen LCD Screen.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 LED Light Bright LED Light.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 Extension Table Included Extension Table.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 Features.

Main Features.

  • Inspired by Laura Ashley.
  • Oversized Work Area, Standard or Free-Arm, Programmable Pivot Function.
  • Automatic Height Adjuster™ (AHA™) Feature and Pivot Function.
  • Thread Delivery from 4 Different Spools.
  • Thread Sensor Alerts.
  • Free Motion, Stippling and Echo-Quilting Feet Included.
  • 30 Built-in Quilting Stitches.
  • Large extension table included.
  • Available at Authorized Innovis Dealers Only.

Sewing Stitches.

  • Alphabet Fonts: 3.
  • My Custom Stitch: Yes.
  • Buttonholes: 12 styles.
  • Stitch Width and Length: Up to 5.0mm length / up to 7.0mm width.
  • Reinforcement/reverse Stitches: Yes.
  • Utility stitch functions: 162.
  • Decorative stitch functions: 121.
  • 14 Satin, 15 Decorative Satin, 12 Cross Stitch.
  • 57 Combinable Utility Stitches.

Needle, Thread Features.

  • Bobbin: Quick-Set™ Bobbin.
  • Needle Threading System: Automatic.
  • Needle Stop Position: Programmable, needle up or down.
  • Thread Sensors: Yes, bobbin thread sensor.
  • Upper Thread Tension: Automatic.
  • Needle Position: 14.
  • Thread Cutters: Yes.
  • Number of needles: One, with twin needle capability.
  • Bobbin winding system: Independent bobbin winding motor.

Machine Features.

  • Machine Speed: Maximum sewing speed 1000 spm.
  • Free Arm: Yes.
  • Presser foot attachment: Snap-on.
  • Drop Feed Dogs: 7-point.
  • Presser Foot Pressure Adj.: ICAPS Innov-is Continuous Automatic Pressure Sensor Presser Foot Lift.
  • Knee Lifter: Yes.
  • Presser Foot Lift: Automatic.
  • Presser Foot Height: Adjustable, programmable.
  • Sewing Workspace: Large plus additional wide table, included.
  • Lighting: Super Bright.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 Video.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 Information.

Brother Website.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 Specifications.

Built-in stitches, buttonhole styles and fonts.
460 built-in sewing stitches, 430 built-in and 30 on CD, including 12 styles of one-step buttonholes and 3 sewing lettering fonts.

Automatic Height Adjuster™ AHA Feature.
Achieve perfectly formed stitches as you sew over varying fabric thicknesses and intersecting seams. Perfect for stitching home décor and quilts with varying fabric types, appliqués or embellishments.

Pivot function.
The presser foot automatically lifts as the needle remains lowered for fast and easy fabric manipulation. Provides perfectly executed stitches on corner turns, a must feature for mitered corners, bound buttonholes, welt pockets and so much more.

Free-motion stitching.
The foot height adjusts for perfect free-motion projects. The three included free motion feet provide for excellent fabric handling in all areas of free-motion work.

Save stitch settings of your favorite stitches and stitch combinations for use in future projects.

Advanced needle threading.
Easily threads the needle and helps save wear and tear on eyes/fingers.

Thread sensors.
Focus on what you love sewing and let the machine do the rest! Machine automatically stops sewing prior to running out of bobbin thread and displays a low bobbin indicator on the screen, while the upper thread tension sensor recognizes when upper thread is empty or broken.

Multiple cutting operations.
Automatic scissor function pulls upper and lower threads to the back side and trims both for a more professional look. On-board scissors and programmable trimming allow you to cut the thread with just the touch of button.

Back to Beginning Feature.
Make matching columns of stitches with ease or have design segments start at the very first stitch of a design with the push of a button.

Computer connectivity with update capability.
Enjoy free machine updates from your computer.

Super bright LED lights.
Helps reduce eye strain when sewing on dark fabrics and helps you ensure accurate seams and stitch quality.

Feed dogs for high-speed stitching.
7-point feed dogs make it possible to create beautifully formed decorative stitches at high speeds with minimal fabric guiding.

Adjustable presser foot height.
Change the presser foot height with the touch of a button to allow for passing thicker sections of garments under the presser foot.

Adjustable presser foot pressure.
Adjust the presser foot pressure for smoother delivery of fabric height variations.

Multiple needle positions.
Flexibility to sew at precise points for a wide range of projects with 15 different needle positions.

Safety Screen Lock.
Screen lock secures stitch attribute information on the screen as you sew and locks the screen while the machine needle is being changed, ensuring settings and stitches are never lost.

My Custom Stitch Feature.
Create personalized sewing stitches for any style of sewing. An incredible feature that will allow expansion and customization for years to come, by saving stitches to the machine’s memory.

Directional feeding.
Sew straight stitches in eight directions and zigzag in four directions. Useful for sewing in small areas that cannot be manipulated easily, such as sleeves and baby clothes.

Buttonholes and button sewing.
Choose from 12 one-step buttonhole styles and use the button attachment stitch to attach buttons and trim thread in one easy step.

Stitch Editing Feature.
Expand the number and style of stitches in your machine with easy stitch editing for size, density, width and height. Create a personal library of stitches by combining decorative stitch patterns.

Brother Laura Ashley NX-2000 Included Accessories.

Circular Sewing Bundle.
Attach the measured circular sewing attachment and make concentric circles, arcs and more. Embellish your creations with decorative threads using the included braiding and cording feet.

Bobbin Work Bundle.
Follow the included instructions to make three dimensional stitchery! Specialty thread bobbin case, slotted bobbin cover and adjustment tool, as well as the easy-to-set bobbin cases, make "upside down" sewing easy!

Included accessory feet.
15 included Accessory Feet including a Stitch Guide Foot, Appliqué Foot, Buttonhole Foot and adjustable Zipper Foot add a new level of convenience to your sewing.

Specialty needle included.
Enjoy sewing with twin needles to create couture finishes for your garments and home décor items.

Accessory case.
Store all the tools to do great projects in the convenient onboard dual accessory compartment.

Knee Lifter.
Keep hands free with the presser foot knee lifter.

Large extension table included.
Easy to install and expands your sewing work area to easily handle large projects like drapes, tote bags and garments.