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Brother Quattro 3 NV6750D Zoom

Brother Quattro 3 NV6750D

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SKU: brotherquattro3

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Product Description


    Brother Quattro 3 NV6750D

    Brother Quattro 3 NV6750D.

    For thousands of people, the Quattro® has always been the ultimate creative partner to power all of their embroidery, sewing, quilting and crafting dreams. When it comes to groundbreaking features, we believe nothing else compares:

    Brother Quattro 3 Ups The Ante.

    Go to the next level with the Quattro®3 Trilogy Limited Edition. The Trilogy retains the incredible vision of its predecessors, yet adds innovations all its own. New features, both spectacular and smart, combine to make Quattro®3 the best Quattro® ever.

    Brother Quattro 3 Didn?t Just Set the Standard, it Exceeded it. For thousands of people, the Brother Quattro 3 has always been the ultimate creative partner to power all of their embroidery, sewing, quilting and crafting dreams. When it comes to groundbreaking features, Brother believes nothing else compares:


    Brother Quattro Software Upgrade Premium Pack I (SAVR6000D1) InnovEye® Technology improvements, including:
  1. Centering Function
  2. Grid display for perfect needle alignment
  3. Needle position magnification up to 200%
  4. Screen shot capturing function
  5. Fabric thickness sensor
  6. Additional features for improved design capabilities:
  7. On-screen auto design resizing from 60% up to 200% of original design
  8. Bobbin Case for Bobbin Work
  9. 14 Bobbin Work embroidery patterns
  10. New cursive font
  11. Brother Quattro 3 Software Upgrade Premium Pack II (SAVR6000D2)
  12. It's all about design improvement with the Premium Pack II:
  13. My Custom Design™ feature allows you to make personalized embroidery designs
  14. Unique 10" Pen Tablet makes sketching designs and signing your creations easy
  15. Exclusive Color Shuffling™ Function allows you to change design color palettes with the touch of a button
  16. 10 new embroidery designs
  17. 2 new embroidery fonts
  18. Brother Quattro 3 Software Upgrade Premium Pack III (SABF6000D2) Embroidery design connection is now even more precise with InnovEye® Technology:
  19. 4" x 12 " Continous Border Hoop
  20. 10 border embroidery designs
  21. Embroidery design connection feature for perfectly aligned borders and designs
  22. Brother Quattro 3 Software Upgrade Premium Pack IV (SAVR6000D3) Get even more creativity, versatility and professional results from your Brother Quattro 3
  23. Droplight™ LED Embroidery Positioning Marker that shows the needle drop position with pinpoint accuracy
  24. Multi-Function Foot Controller has two pedals and controls up to three different sewing functions
  25. 45 buttonhole embroidery designs
  26. 200 large alphabet embroidery designs
  27. 15 new decorative embroidery designs

  28. Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    Want to dabble in creating your own designs? With the My Custom Design™ feature,you can use the included stylus to create personalized, unique designs on the LCD display, and watch in amazement as the Quattro® 3 Trilogy turns them into digitized files you can stitch out! Take your creativity to the next level and create designs using the new included Pen Tablet. Designed specifically for Quattro®, the Pen Tablet makes it even easier to create your own original embroidery with the My Custom Design™ feature. Attach the Tablet to the Quattro® 3 Trilogy and have the My Custom Design™ feature running on your machine. As you draw, the mouse moves on the LCD display screen, so you can see where you are touching on the tablet. Never before has it been so simple to autodigitize a design without a PC or software.

    Use the included Pen Tablet to:

    Draw or write freehand using the included pen Create one-of-a-kind personalized design sketches Trace designs from existing photography or a child's drawing Add your signature onto your work, including quilts The created designs can be resized and combined with characters or images in the editing screen, just like a built-in design can. When you're done, you can save the custom design to the machine's memory for later use. With the My Custom Design™ feature and Pen Tablet, there are so many ways to create a custom, personal work of art - and a really fun way to create embroidery!

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    The Brother exclusive InnovEye® Intelligent Eye Technology and Up-close™ Viewer give a bird's eye view of the needle area. This industry first is like having a built-in camera above the needle plate. Providing a live detailed image right on the LCD display, sewing, embroidery, quilting and crafting have never been more exact. Imagine how easy it will be to see your work up close and personal. By using the InnovEye® Technology, the needle-drop guessing game is over...elaborate designs and intricate decorative stitching can be incredibly accurate. InnovEye® Technology means precise needle placement for those hard-to-see areas - especially when attaching buttons and making buttonholes. Estimating stitch placement is no longer a hassle, leaving more time to dream the unthinkable and create the unbelievable. Edge sewing is so simple. InnovEye® Technology follows the edge and?guided by a pre-set seam allowance?keeps stitches smoothly hugging the edge whether they are straight or curved. Sew a long, thin piece of material, like a ribbon, with ease. Even free arm sewing is made simple using InnovEye® Technology to sew point to point. Utilizing a unique Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Sticker placed on your fabric, the InnovEye™ Technology automatically positions the needle and design for precise embroidery placement. No more starting over when you slightly mishoop your fabric! Let the InnovEye® technology detect the sensor positioning sticker and make corrections for you! Additionally, use placement of the sensor positioning sticker to create beautiful fashions, including multiple embroidery designs, quickly and easily.

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    Change your design color palette with the touch of a button. You'll be amazed at the virtually infinite possibilites of thread color choices for every design. Just select a design, touch the Color Shuffling™ icon and select one of four different color scheme choices - random, vivid, gradient or soft. The design will appear onscreen in six different color combinations. Zoom in on one for a close-up peek or turn the page to see even more options. Save the different color offerings into Memory or your USB stick. Don't see the look you had in mind? Just shuffle again for a whole new set of colors. Perfect when you want to place the same design on multiple creations, but want to add a personalized touch to each. Or when you want to place a design on fabric that might not match. Take it a step further and scan your fabric in the hoop and see your new color combination on the fabric - without taking a stitch. Don't like it? Don't stitch it. Let the machine give you more options until you find the perfect rainbow for you.

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    Feeling inspired? Do you want stitches that look like hand embroidery? Or an unusual stitch that no machine has? Create your own unique sewing stitch using the My Custom Stitch™ feature on the touch screen LCD display. The built-in exclusive My Custom Stitch™ feature gives you the freedom to create a special pattern on the LCD display touch screen and save it to one of the memory pockets in your Quattro 3® Trilogy for later use. This incredible feature will allow you to expand your stitch library with a virtually unlimited number of personalized stitches for years to come!

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    Embroider with perfection, sew with unlimited creativity, quilt with ease and craft with brilliance. The large work area means greater to design, room to create and room to be free. Free yourself from the stress of completing big projects such as quilts, jackets and home d?cor projects. Achieve the unimaginable with almost 50 square inches of workspace. A spacious 10-inch x 5-inch work area accommodates those larger projects you only dreamed you could create. Bulky sewing projects, large-format paper crafts and quilts up to nine inches in diameter are no match for the Quattro® 3 Trilogy. Make the impossible?possible. We give you plenty of room to develop and perfect your skills. The spacious sewing area transforms into a canvas for impeccable design when the embroidery arm is attached. Go beyond your usual embroidery or quilting and experience its great sewing features, too. With the Quattro® 3 Trilogy, you can sew with the embroidery arm on for a time-saving convenience. Embroider breathtaking designs with the jumbo 12-inch x 8-inch embroidery hoop. Use the new built-in embroidery designs to complement your treasured pieces for the satisfaction of personal customization. More space means less re-hooping?less re-hooping can mean more time and less effort!

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    View your design in crisp, sharp clarity on the Advanced Super View (ASV) HD LCD touch screen display, which provides our widest, most enhanced viewing angle with little or no color shifting. See the on-screen buttons and functions, and your designs, from virtually any angle. The 4.4-inch x 7.3-inch touch screen display encompasses the latest in display technology from the leader in LCD displays. A great visual field, nearly 32 square inches, delivers razor-sharp graphics, visibility from any angle and less interference from overhead glare. See many designs at up to 200% their actual size with the on-screen viewing enlargement feature Preview your design with the background color change feature Adjustment feature allows you to change the brightness of the screen to suit your room's lighting environment or for better viewing of light designs, such as lace The LED back-lights have no mercury and consume 15% less power than before, making it energy efficient Become a Brother Quattro 3 Trilogy connoisseur with 16 on-screen instructional videos, and enjoy the screen's expansive size as you learn step-by-step how to master your dream machine. Personalize your Brother Quattro 3 Trilogy with a custom screensaver. Choose from 5 built-in screen savers, including Disney designs, or upload your favorite photographs and images to create your own custom slideshow.

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    Do you like to work on your sewing and embroidery machine well into the night, but hate extra task lights and eyestrain? The improved Runway® lighting in Quattro® 3 covers a full 10-inches of full-spectrum lighting around the needle! The Brother exclusive Runway® Lighting embodies museum-quality illumination, projecting clear, bright light onto your project. Colors are brighter and more vivid. The Quattro® 3 Trilogy incorporates our latest light diffusing system as well as lens focusing technology to create a wider, more uniform area of coverage. The runway is a place to shine, and your projects will radiate with Runway® Lighting. Extra lighting is unnecessary as the Quattro® 3 Trilogy projects a light intensity equivalent in power to 56 standard LED lights. Customize the lighting output by adjusting the angle under the needle to help eliminate any shadows. Regulate the brightness between five settings, including an off mode, to find your ideal level.

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    Don?t you hate fussing to find the perfect needle drop position when you?re doing embroidery? Well then you?ll love the newest innovation for Quattro® 3, the Droplight™ LED Positioning Marker. For all embroiderers, placement is critical. Being able to drop the needle in the exact position is often difficult and frustrating as you often do needle down, needle up, needle down, needle up to find your starting point, but trying to guess where to drop the needle is a nightmare of the past. Use the embroidery foot with LED pointer and rest assured that you may never miss your needle position again. Our LED Droplight™ Marker shows you exactly where the needle will drop for perfect placement on even the most sophisticated embroidery designs. Simply attach and turn on the accessory Droplight™ Embroidery Positioning Marker and then use the positioning keys on the LCD display screen to move the hoop into place. You can check the embroidery field easily with the trial key and new LED pointer. It is also helpful while using the stitch forward and backward keys to get a perfect starting point for your embroidery stitch out.

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    Have there been times when you were holding your project and didn?t want to let go to push a button on the machine? Introducing our first Multi-Function Foot Controller for Quattro® 3 Trilogy, designed specifically to solve this problem! This included 2 pedal Multi-Function Foot Controller is a great convenience for larger projects. Beyond just normal sewing, the larger pedal allows you to choose 2 other machine features to be controlled by the heel-kick and side pedal. The smaller pedal is capable of 1 function ? giving you 3 functions a toe touch away! Selectable functions are thread cutting, single stitch, reverse stitch, and needle position up/down. The second pedal can be set in the right side or even the left side. Now that?s control. Sewing and quilting will never be the same with the new Multi-Function Foot Controller for the Brother Quattro 3 Trilogy.

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    Get even more creativity, versatility and professional results with the Quattro® 3! Trilogy?s built-in large block alphabet and buttonhole embroidery designs! Be inspired with lettering using the approximately 6" large alphanumeric embroidery designs including 200 striped and block letters, numbers and symbols. Create beautiful decorative buttonhole design combinations in a range of sizes with 45 buttonhole embroidery designs and 15 decorative embroidery designs. Let the new built-in large block alphabet and buttonhole embroidery designs surpass your design aspiration!

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    Get ready to create beautiful embroidery in a variety of sizes with the enhanced frame detection built into the Quattro® 3 Trilogy ? now compatible with the 6" x 6" Square Embroidery Frame! You'll love the 6" x 6" Square Frame for embroidering virtually flawless squares on clothing, quilt squares, and for embroidering the new large block alphabet and buttonhole embroidery designs built into your Quattro® 3 Trilogy. The large built-in lettering will fit nicely within this frame, when embroidered singly, without the built-in decorative frames. The smaller built-in decorative lettering fits perfectly within this frame, with room to include the built-in decorative frames around your lettering! Embellish fashions, quilts, crafts, home d?cor and do more than ever before with enhanced frame detection standard in the software of your Quattro® 3 Trilogy! 6" x 6" Square Embroidery Frame not included. Addional purchase required.

    Brother Quattro 3 Unique 10 inch tablet


    Embroidery design connection is now even more precise with the Snowman® Positioning Marker and InnovEye® Technology! The software upgrade provides an embroidery design connection feature for precise alignment of designs multiple times in many directions. Use embroidery design connection for all multi-direction connections,works well for designs within the included 8" x 8" and 12" x 8" hoops. No more splitting of designs needed! The upgrade enables recognition of 4"x12" Continues Border Hoop and includes 10 border embroidery designs. 4" x 12" Continuous Border Hoop not included. Additional purchase required. Software upgrade includes on CD, installation required.

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