5D Stitch Editor Plus Software

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Restyle your embroideries with object editing features. Convert areas to different fill patterns, specialty, MultiWave or Motif fills.

Refine the stitchout of your embroideries. Add Trim commands automatically to any design. You can add a rectangular basting line automatically around the embroidery. Convert designs to use cutwork needles. Design Optimizer and Density Advisor improve the stitchout of most embroideries, both in speed and quality.

Reinvent your embroideries. Use the exclusive Emboss features to add beautiful patterns. Emboss your own ideas: create your own stamps from .4qb files or personalize your embroideries with embossed text. Transform your designs with the 12 fantastic point and global morphing effects. Frame them with beautiful borders, even with appliqus.

5D STITCH EDITOR PLUS is available from your local authorized dealer or from the Internet Purchase Center as an add-on to the 5D EMBROIDERY SYSTEM. 5D PROFESSIONAL, 5D SUITE or 5D DESIGN ENHANCER is required before purchasing this add-on software. If you own 5D EMBROIDERY or 5D EMBROIDERY EXTRA, purchase 5D STITCH EDITOR PLUS as part of 5D DESIGN ENHANCER PLUS from the Internet Purchase Center.